Helena means in ancient Greek 'Bringer of Light'

"My mission in life is to spread more happiness, inner peace and wellbeing

 through Yoga life style, Meditation and Mindfulness"

I grew up in Clifton, Bristol, spent time in Ecuador, Japan and Belgium, though my main home is Cheltenham. Whilst living in Japan as a young woman I was influenced by their Buddhist and Shinto traditions.

Back in England I trained as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor. This lead to interest about how the mind effects the body and vice versa, and I became a Neuro Linguistic Programming Therapist. Following this my wellbeing and happiness profoundly shifted when I then studied Nutritional Healing.

My regular Yoga practise progressed to my training in India as a teacher, and I am very grateful to my Yoga teachers in India for inspiring me to share my light, be authentic and live my life with purpose and service.

I love teaching Yoga and Meditation. For me Yoga is a lifestyle, I don’t just teach a set of stretches, I share ways of releasing tension, connecting to ourselves, becoming more spiritual, mindful, confident, kind and compassionate.

For many years I was an Interior Designer so I love of beautiful spaces. Creating the right atmosphere in the Yoga studio is very important to me. Beautiful Yoga mats, cushions, co-ordinating blocks, lighting, temperature, flowers, plants and essential oils are all part of creating a quality ambient atmosphere in the studio.

For me to be an excellent Yoga teacher, I believe it’s not just about giving and planning classes but about bringing myself to class in the right state.

I practice the Latihan of Subud twice a week, which is a Spiritual Movement begun in Indonesia, I also study Buddhist teaching and Yoga philosophy.

I believe we become more rounded in our happiness and fulfilment with greater capacity cope with modern life if we live holistically from Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you would like to know more or have any questions, do ask me after class.

Namaste   Helena